Welcome to the home of Rock Star Aquatics WE LOVE OUR JOB!!!

We are your go to maintenance and repair company for outdoor water features.

What we do:

1. Clean outs

2. Find and repair leaks

3. Skimmer box replacements and reseals

4. Bio falls replacements and reseals

5. Auto fill repairs

6. Plumbing repairs

7. Fountain repairs

8. Pump replacements

9. Monthly and bi monthly maintenance

10. Retention and detention pond Clean outs and repairs.

Please note as of August 2020 we no longer do construction projects such as new builds, rebuilds or relines.

Rock Stars Aquatic Landscaping

*Service calls are $249.99*

Built by Rock Stars Aquatic Landscaping in July of 2019.
Built by Rock Stars Aquatic Landscaping in July of 2019.
Our clean out and build trailer is always ready for anything!

Our warranty and refund policy is as follows:

We warranty all work from defects in materials in workmanship for 3 months after the date of completion. Warranty decisions are made on a case by case basis and we reserve the right to refuse warranty if we feel it’s necessary for any reason.

No refund will be given on creative projects of labor such as custom water feature builds or rebuilds. We have a courtesy warranty all pumps for 30 days. After the 30 days the manufactures warranty applies.

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