Pond leaks can be very difficult to locate but we’re the best in the business at finding and repairing them! Service calls are normally $249.00 or sometimes $299 if your destination is a long ways from us. This will usually cover the leak and repair. ( Some exclusions will apply.) Last year we found and repaired 80% of our leaks in under one hour! We have found and repaired over 500 water feature leaks! Our experience and expertise is at your service.


We do not guarentee that we can find your leak or leaks. Most of the time there are multiple leaks before you take notice of a water loss but even a very small leak can add up to hundreds of gallons of water loss every week. If you are adding water every day, you have a leak. If you are adding water once a week, that is normal. We estimate 2-3″ of water loss per week is normal due to evaporation and splash no matter what size the feature is. If we can only find one leak when we are there but after testing over night you find out that it is still leaking and we have to come back out there will still be another charge each time we come out. There are NO free trips with the only exception of: If we repair a leak and that particular spot still leaks then this is under warranty. (THIS RARELY HAPPENS AS LEAKS ARE HARD TO FIND BUT EASY TO FIX) We guarntee our work that we did but we do not guarntee that we can find all of your leaks or any of your leaks. We do our very best every single time we show up and thats all we can do. So to sum this up, it’s a bit of a gamble if we can find you leak or not but we still have to be paid for our time spent searching for it and the time we took to drive to your house and back. We always work in full integrity and we would never intentionally waste your time or money. Our goal is to find and fix your leak as quickly as possible. We value your business and we are looking forward to providing you with excellent service.